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New Story

It's been forever but I've finally started a new story. You can check it out here:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I hadn't really planned on this ending like this but when I got here it felt...complete. I encourage anyone who liked the idea of a Specialist to run with the idea for another team. I think it would be great. 


I wrapped a towel tightly around me as I left the shower. The sounds of celebrating hadn’t died down in the locker room since I’d gone into the showers to give our captain a celebratory hummer and I found myself grinning as I watched Max and Boots dancing in nothing more than their leggings. Everyone was in a jovial mood after giving the Stars a well deserved spanking; everyone except Juice who was still sitting in his stall with his head between his hands. 

I looked over at Chris who was getting ready to head into the shower and he gave me a smile and a wink. He knew I had a job to do and with one look he told me he didn’t mind waiting his turn. 

“It’s not so bad,” I told Kev, laying my hand gently on the back of his neck. He growled and didn’t raise his head. I sat next to him on the bench and pressed my hip against his, getting close to his body, passing what little warmth I had left from the shower to his quickly chilling one as he sat in his wet gear. 

“Everyone gets bad bounces.” Lou placed his hand on the top of Kev’s head as if in blessing. “It’s not your fault man,” the usually gruff goal tender added before mussing Kev’s short hair and then wandering towards the showers. 

“He’s right,” I whispered, leaning in so that my mouth brushed his bristly cheek, “pucks bounce everywhere in the crease. One or two are bound to bounce off of you once in a while. It was just hard luck that it happened twice tonight,” I added, giving his knee a playful nudge with mine. “C’mon, it doesn’t matter, we won.” Kev turned his head slightly, aimed one of his blue eyes at me and that was enough to tell me winning wasn’t enough. Sighing I shot a look over towards Chris who was leaning in the doorway between the dressing room and the showers in nothing but an itty bitty towel. He smiled, turned and disappeared into the steam. I slid my hand up Juice’s thigh. “I know something that will cheer you up,” I whispered into his ear and then very slowly ran the tip of my tongue around that slightly pointed shell of his ear. 

“I don’t want a bj,” he muttered, mostly under his breath.

“Said no man, ever,” I laughed, digging my fingers into his ribs. He flinched, his shoulders hunching as he tried to squirm away. “Kevin Francesco Bieksa, you are not going to sit here and feel sorry for yourself when the rink is all empty but the nets are still up,” I added, nipping his earlobe while I continued to dig my fingers into his ribs. 

“Yeah?” he turned, his eyes huge as he stared at me with disbelief written all over his handsome face.

“Will it put a smile on your face?” I asked as a slow, sexy grin spread across his chiseled features.

“I know it will put a smile on yours,” he growled as he very suddenly turned, slid his arms under my body and swung me up in the air like I weighed no more than the towel I was wearing. The few guys that remained in the dressing room laughed but didn’t make a move to either stop him or join us so when he stepped out onto the ice and began to glide towards the net at the far end of the rink, I knew we were completely alone.
I didn’t worry about Kevin dropping me, or the cold bite of the air in the rink or even if Chris would wait for me. All I cared about in that moment was making the heartbeat of our team happy and fulfilling a fantasy we’d been talking about for a while now. 

He set me carefully on top of one of the nets and I felt the twine dig in even through the towel. I wrapped my fingers around the crossbar and bit down on my bottom lip to stifle the slightly hysterical giggle that had begun to bubble up in my chest. Kev reached for the spot where I’d folded the towel over just above my breasts and slowly, very slowly, he peeled the towel back and then let the ends drop from his fingers. 

A combination of the cold air and the way he looked at me made my nipples suddenly and a little painfully, harden and I felt gooseflesh break out all over my body. Kev put his hands on the inside of my knees and pressed them apart. I watched his breath come out in an icy cloud as he stared at his goal. Seeing him, still in his shoulder pads, hockey pants and skates somehow made this all that much hotter, not to mention being in the big empty arena where eighteen thousand people had just been cheering.

“Scootch forward babe,” he smiled up at me, his hands sliding around to help pull me forward before he leaned in, blowing his warm breath over my now chilled skin. I shivered but not from the cold.

All I could do was hold on for dear life while he parted my nether folds and slowly licked his way northwards, being sure to take the time to circle my clit twice before dragging the flat of his tongue across it. I tipped my head back and cried out, my voice echoing in the big, dark empty building. 

“You’re so juicy tonight Pen,” he mused, sliding two of his thick fingers inside of me. I bit my lip as he reached for my g-spot. 

“You know I get turned on by giving...ahhhh!” I cried out again, louder this time and Kev smiled up at me, proud of himself. 

“I swear you have a g-spot in the back of that throat of yours,” he chuckled before leaning down and using the tip of his talented tongue to bring me, screaming, over the edge. 

“Should we find out?” I asked, panting but smiling as Kev ran his hands up my ribcage to cup my breasts, running his thumbs over my erect nipples, teasing them, making it hard for me to speak. 

“I could be down for that,” he grinned, sliding his hands back down to my waist and then lifting me off of the net but not setting me down. Instead he pushed off and began gliding backwards, towards centre ice. I put my arms around his neck and reached for his mouth with mine. 

I didn’t mind tasting myself on his lips or his tongue as I kissed him. I was happy that he was no longer wearing a frown. Everything else was secondary now, except maybe that orgasm I’d just had and the one I was now determined to wring from him.

He put me down on my feet and my toes curled at the feeling of the ice beneath them. Laughing, Kev tossed my towel down on the orca logo and then began untying his hockey pants. I swatted his hands aside and, humming the old Hockey Night in Canada theme, set to work on the task I’d set for myself. 


“He looks...more..., relaxed,” Chris noted as Kev headed towards his own vehicle in the underground parking lot. I smiled at his retreating form. 

“That was the idea,” I replied quietly before turning to my man and running my hands up the front of his chest. “Me, on the other hand...I’m pretty sure I have another round or two in me.” A slow, sexy smile spread across Chris’s lips as his hands found the small of my back and pulled me tight against his body making it clear that he was ready and willing to fulfill that particular task. “Mmm, take me home to bed,” I grinned. 

“Do we have to wait that long?” he asked, his voice deep and husky in my ear as he lowered his lips to my neck. He’d started growing his playoff -beard and I liked the way it felt when all those whiskers brushed against my sensitive skin. 

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, unbuttoning one button and then two. 

“Almost everyone’s gone,” he growled along the line of my jaw before capturing my mouth and kissing me hard, pressing me against the side of his car. I sighed happily, reaching between us to cup his erection as it strained against his suit pants. I didn’t need to be asked twice. 

“Yesss,” I hissed, as he lifted me from my feet and helped me wrap my legs around him. 

“Did he make you wet Pen? Are you ready for me baby?” he asked as he fumbled to open his fly and pull his long, thick hard dick out of his pants. 

Sooo wet,” I moaned as I felt the head of his dick poised at my entrance. I hadn’t bothered to put panties on tonight. I found it much easier for both of us if I didn’t. We both groaned as he slid, very slowly, into me until I could accommodate no more of him and we were left staring at one another, speechless but smiling.
“Jesus I love you baby,” he whispered finally, reaching up to gently cradle my cheek in his hand. 

“And I love you,” I whispered, turning my head to press a kiss into the palm of his hand. “Now fuck me like you mean it.”

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chapter 19

Waking up with Chris’s body curled around mine was not a new sensation but having his warm, naked skin pressed against mine was an entirely new sensation and an awkward one. I’d slept, literally, in innocent puppy piles with nearly every guy on the team but almost always in pj’s and almost without exception they were gone before I actually woke up, to practice or their own room for a shower.  Only Juice and Kess had made a habit of sleeping in with me and even then both were still earlier risers than me and I usually woke to the smell of fresh coffee brewing and the sound of bacon sizzling on the grill.  I wasn’t sure if I should move and risk waking him and by that I mean I really wasn’t feeling up for a little morning nookie. I was feeling a little tender.

“I’m awake,” he chuckled, nipping at my earlobe. “You want the shower first?” I immediately relaxed and even smiled as I wriggled out from beneath the blast furnace of his body. 

“Yes please.” I didn’t ask him to join me. I knew if he did that I’d only end up pressed against the tiles, screaming the place down. The idea had a certain amount of appeal, especially after I’d climbed out of the bed and grabbed his t-shirt to pull on. Seeing him there, with the sheets barely pulled up to his belly button made me want to climb back into that bed, my throbbing girl bits be damned. It took a great deal of will power to turn away from that sight and head for the bathroom. 

I was thinking about the restorative powers of hot water and contemplating making a huge stack of pancakes after I got out of the shower so when I heard noises coming from the kitchen I didn’t automatically react. Even then, for a moment I assumed it was just Chris searching through the cupboards looking for the means to make coffee. It took my sex addled brain that long to realize that I hadn’t heard him get out of the bed, that I knew he hadn’t come out of the room behind me. 

“Jesusfuck Kess, what the fuck did I say about fucking knocking?” I snapped, turning on my heel to find both him and Juice staring back at me with these innocent expressions on their faces, as if butter wouldn’t melt. Maybe it worked on their mums, but it sure as hell didn’t fly with me. “How did you get in? I took your keys!” I added, hands on my hips. 

“Eddie still had his,” Kevin replied, a spoon loaded with Frosted Lucky Charms aimed towards his lips. Eddie. Right, I’d forgotten about his key because he always knocked. 

“Well you didn’t expect us not to fucking come here after hearing the news.” I stared at the sour look on Kess’s face. Could they have suddenly changed their minds about mine and Chris’s relationship? I felt panic make my chest tight and I was suddenly self conscious standing there in nothing but Chris’s ratty t-shirt. 

“But I...,” I began, hot tears beginning to fill my eyes. 

“Fucking Hawks? When were you gonna tell us Pen?” Ryan didn’t play poker much on road trips and there was a reason. He didn’t have a poker face. If he was well and truly pissed, like now, he couldn’t hide it, or more likely wouldn’t bother to hide it. 

“Chillax, she’s not going anywhere.” Both guys heads swivelled like they were following a pass and I turned to see Chris wrapping a towel around his waist. I wanted to lick him I was so relieved to have back up. “Isn’t that right babe?” he added softly, holding the towel with one hand and cupping my cheek affectionately with his other hand. 

“Yeah,” I replied softly as a big, silly grin spread across my face. I wasn’t going anywhere because this sexy specimen of a man was mine, all mine. 

“Oh my god did you two finally do it?” Chris laughed. I rolled my eyes. Their momentary affront forgotten the boys were on to the next piece of juicy gossip to be had. 

“Higgy and Penny sitting in a tree F-U-C-K-I-N-G,” Kess sang as he danced around us like a demented court jester. 

I almost looked for Lappy except I couldn’t tear my gaze away from the summer sky blue gaze staring down at me so I settled for telling him “That would be dangerous, not to mention uncomfortable. I’d really prefer not to have splinters in my ass.” 

“Who says they’d be in your ass?”  he asked with a grin, caressing my cheek with his fingertips. If I had the biological parts to do it I would have purred with delight. Instead I ran my hands up his chest and around his neck, digging my fingers into his sandy blonde hair and offered my lips to his, ignoring the wolf whistles and catty comments from the peanut gallery while his mouth covered mine in a kiss that was long and soft and sweet as caramel syrup. 

“Group hug!” I felt the width of Kev’s chest press against my back and then another pair of arms almost crushing my ribs as I guessed Ryan joined in and Chris and I came up for air laughing. 

“Hey, hey now, I’m not saying never but I’ve missed a bunch of turns so I’m claiming the whole day. That is, if it’s alright with Penny.” 

“Spoil sport,” Kess gave my ass a firm smack that lifted me up onto my toes and winked. He was teasing but there was also a hopeful glint in his eye that said he wouldn’t object to being asked to stay. Kev’s arm lingered around my waist like maybe he’d already been invited. 

“It’s my dream come true,” I grinned at him. I peeled Kev’s hand off my hip, “which means you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.” 

“This is heaven,” I sighed, leaning back against his chest, the bubbles that filled the tub up to the rim sloshed over the side and onto the tile floor. The water was piping hot and he was a perfect back rest. 

“I’m glad you think so.” His fingers laced with mine on the edge of the tub. I stared at our intertwined fingers. They seemed to fit together so perfectly. “I’m glad you’re staying,” he added and I could hear the smile in his voice. 

“Me too.” I closed my eyes. It felt like a thousand pounds had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt so relaxed I could feel sleep sneaking up on me. “So what’s the plan for today? Watch some movies, have a nap...”

“On the one day I get you all to myself? I don’t think so sweetheart. Take a nap?” he snorted and gave my wet hair a gentle tug so that I had no choice but to look up at him. “That’s what you want to do instead of...go to the Aquarium? Have lunch at the Fish House or the Tea Room, go shopping at Granville Island and we could get some stuff to make dinner...” I didn’t let him finish. I was already climbing out of the tub and reaching for a towel. “Oh, so no nap then?” he chuckled, continuing to luxuriate in the bubbles while he watched me dry myself off, making certain that I could tell that he was enjoying the view. 

“Well are you coming?” I asked, reaching for a hair band and pulling my hair back into a simple pony tail. 

“What’s the rush babe?” he asked, slowly pushing himself up to his feet and then standing there, in all his glory, the warm water making his skin kind of glow. I stared. It was all I could do. There was no way my brain or my mouth could have formed words in that moment. 

Still smiling he stepped out of the bath, took the two strides required to reach the spot I was standing and then gently pried the towel out of my hand and dropped it casually to the floor. He then used that hand to guide mine down to his thickening, hardening shaft as his other hand tilted my chin up so he could press a soft kiss against my lips. 

My pussy clenched. There was something about the way Chris kissed me that made my skin tingle, my heart race and my lady bits quiver. I opened my mouth to his and his tongue swept over and then tangled with mine, tasting of mint toothpaste. He moaned into my mouth as I slowly and firmly pulled my palm up and over the head of his cock. 

“Oh baby,” he whispered against the corner of my mouth, picking me up by my waist as if I weighed no more than a feather, and putting me down on the cool marble counter, “I wanna fuck you so you’ll feel me inside of you all day.” My nipples tightened as he positioned himself between my thighs, his hands pushing them as far apart as they would go. I could have told him I would already but I could barely catch my breath and then he slid inside of me, slowly, deliberately taking the time to screw himself into me inch by substantial inch. 

I whispered his name like it was a prayer but that single word was muffled as his lips captured mine again and his tongue stroked over mine as his hips drew back and he began the toe-curling process of screwing his dick back inside of me. I shivered, but it wasn’t the water turning cool on my skin. It was this, it was him. I loved sex and I’d had plenty of great sex in the past few months but none of it, no matter how enjoyable, compared to this moment, to the feeling of his thick fingers digging into the flesh of my thighs while his long, hard, thick cock filled me to the point that it almost hurt but hurt so fucking good. 

His beard almost burned my skin as his lips and teeth moved to the underside of my chin, down my neck and I cried out for him when he bit into my neck, just at the curve of my shoulder. I knew just by the feel of it that there would be teeth marks later and I also knew that I’d wear that mark with pride. 

I dug my fingers into his scalp as he dipped his head lower, as first his tongue and then his lips worked at my nipples, one after the other. I felt his lips close around my right nipple but I felt it right down into my pussy and cried out as my entire body clenched, tightened, and my clit pulsed with pleasure. I was getting close.
“Do that again baby and you’re gonna make me cum,” he warned, letting my nipple slip from between his full lips, those sky blue eyes rolling upwards to look at me. 

“Do that again and I’ll fucking cum,” I promised breathlessly. He smiled and then dipped his head back down and used the tip of his tongue to trace a slow circle around my areola. I moaned and then he tightened the circle, bringing his tongue closer to the pert little pink nib of my nipple. It ached, hardened even more and I felt that right down to my clit. “Oh fuck Chris...ohhhh,” I moaned, feeling my pussy tighten around his cock until yes, it hurt but in that way it does before your whole body comes apart. I sank my nails into scalp and held my breath. His teeth grazed my nipple and I was gone. I screamed, his name maybe, nonsense words and curse words too and I let go of his head and held onto the edge of the counter for dear life as he abandoned my tits so he could watch me come apart as he fucked me, his hips rocking back and forth he filled me and then nearly emptied me again as my body pulsed and shook and white spots danced in front of my eyes.

“Yeah baby, just like that,” he tried to kiss me but I just groaned into his mouth as his tongue wrapped around mine like he was wrestling it into submission. I wanted to tell him I wasn’t doing anything, that I was just along for the ride at this point but then he went suddenly still, wrapped his arms tightly around and pressed his forehead to mine. He groaned and swore and I felt his cock pulsate inside of me sending jet after jet of his seed deep inside of me. 

We made out in a dark corner by the shark tank like a couple of horny teenagers. We held hands all through the Beluga show. I couldn’t stop grinning, even when people stopped to ask him for an autograph I just stepped aside and watched him, grinning like a sideshow clown. I ordered some kind of salad for lunch and hardly ate any of it. The butterflies in my stomach just wouldn’t settle enough to let me eat. I felt giddy and silly and I just wanted to stare at him. 

“What?” he asked, brushing at the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, “do I have some food on my face?” 

“No,” I ducked my head, feeling heat rise immediately into my face, having been caught staring at him like a kid with a crush. “I’re so...fuck! I just love your face okay?” I felt his fingers slide over mine until my entire hand was engulfed by his larger one. 

“I love you too Pen.” It was simple and not even something he hadn’t said before but at that moment it was everything and I felt my eyes fill with tears. “Aw, don’t cry babe. C’mere,” he tugged on my hand and patted his lap at the same time. It wasn’t really the thing to do in a fine dining establishment but I got up and walked around the table anyway. As I sat on his lap he put his arms around me and just held me, saying nothing, knowing he didn’t have to.

“Will you two be having any desert today?” the waitress, in her smart black pants and crisp white dress shirt smiled down at us. 

“My Penny’s sweet enough,” Chris said, kissing my cheek. “Just the bill, thank you.” 

“Not a whole one!” I cried as Chris pointed to a wild sockeye on ice at one of the fish stalls at the market.
“You can use whatever we don’t eat tomorrow,” he suggested. I frowned at him and shook my head at the fishmonger who was now holding up the fish by its gills. 

“We need like half that,” I suggested and the worker smiled, put the fish back down on the ice and reached for another, smaller version already halved. “Unless you’re inviting half the team and didn’t tell me,” I added.
“I just thought I might be working up an appetite soon,” he whispered, his arms sliding around my waist as his mouth sought the spot on my neck he’d learned made me shiver every time he so much as brushed his lips over it.

“Oh so it’s like that is it?” I giggled, squirming, very aware of all of the inquiring gazes around us. I’d never really been in public with any of the guys on their own, not since that first dinner with Hank and even though I knew this was different, that we were different, there was part of my brain on high alert, aware that there were iPhones everywhere and that a picture of us could be posted on Tumblr or Facebook any moment.

“Are you saying you don’t want me to fuck you?” he growled in my ear, one hand slipping up beneath the hem of my t-shirt. The sensation of his warm skin against mine was enough to make me shudder.

“You know I do,” I answered, almost grateful when the wax paper wrapped fish was handed over the glass display to Chris. Had his hand gone two inches higher I might have been willing to be taken right there and then. 

“Then we’d better get to my place so I can ravage you.” The word ravage had my panties drenched but enough of my brain engaged to catch what he’d said apart from that. 

Your place?” I repeated, pulling back on the hand that had just taken mine. Chris stopped, turned back to me and smiled but in a of ‘I know something you don’t’ kind of way.

“I’ve got a California king that you haven’t fucked the whole team in waiting to be christened,” he said softly, bending to press a soft kiss on my cheek. “Before you blow a gasket, this has nothing to do with jealousy. I just want a space that’s just for us,” he explained quietly, his gaze searching mine to be sure his messaging was getting through. “Okay?” he prompted, one corner of his mouth turning up. I nodded, feeling my heart miss a beat in an almost painful kind of way that made me reach up to touch my chest just to make sure it started beating again. “Then let’s go.” His sudden grin was like sunshine breaking through the clouds and had the same effect, making me smile and feel like everything was going to be alright. 

“White or red?” Chris had a bottle in each hand as I looked up from my phone. It had been silent in the bottom of my purse but ever since I’d put it out on the counter while I was tossing the salad. 

“White, it’s fish,” I mumbled as my phone vibrated towards the edge of the counter making that rude wolf whistling sound that Kess had chosen for the notification of incoming texts. 

“You gonna get that?” he called as I heard him pulling drawers open looking for the corkscrew. 

“It’s a screw top and...I can look at it later,” I reached for my phone before it slipped off the counter and thumbed the lock to close the screen, but too late. I felt Chris’s chin dig into my shoulder. 

“Lemme see,” he reached for my phone but I spun away from him and slid it into the back pocket of my jeans. “Penny, what are you hiding?” 

“Nothing,” I lied, but couldn’t keep a straight face even long enough to get that single word out. I ducked my face away as I backed up against the fridge but knew my cheeks were already bright pink. 

“Did Kess send you another one of those pictures,” he asked, blocking the only exit from the kitchen. I shook my head but pressed my lips together. If I opened them I knew I would laugh and once I started I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stop. “Lappy?” Again I shook my head and clenched my teeth, still trying to hold back the laughter bubbling up in my chest. “Okay it’s not Juice, you don’t laugh when Juice sends you those pictures,” he reasoned out loud, narrowing his blue eyes at me, “so it’s got to beeee...,” he frowned and I could see the entire roster of guys going through his head, striking off the least likely candidates as he did. “Jesus, is it Lou?” I snorted and then shuddered. 

“That might make me laugh, but no, it’s not from Lou,” I replied, taking a deep breath to try and stop myself from bursting out laughing. 

“So who is it? Let me see,” he insisted, holding his hand out towards me. I looked at outstretched hand and then up at him and shook my head. 

“No, I don’t want you causing an incident,” I insisted, tears beginning to leak out of my eyes as I gulped for air. 

“An incident? Penny..., who sent that text?” This time, as Chris’s eyes narrowed I knew he was done playing but even as he advanced towards me like he was ready to run me into the boards, ref watching or no, I couldn’t help but giggle. 

“You’ll just get mad,” I warned, pressing my back harder against the front of the fridge as he tried to reach around behind me. 

“I’m getting mad now,” he promised, trying to squeeze his sausage thick fingers between my ass and the fridge. I squirmed and giggled when his hand slid up under my shirt instead. “I’ll tickle you. You know you hate it when I tickle you,” he threatened, his fingers just brushing my ribs. I tensed but didn’t move. 

“I didn’t encourage him, I promise,” I wheezed, holding my breath, preparing myself for him to dig his fingers into my ribs. 

“Who? Who didn’t you...oh wait,” he smiled but in a menacing kind of way that sent a chill down my spine and right into my panties. “It’s stupid mullet boy, isn’t it?” he guessed and I thought about lying, for a second but then gave in and let him take the phone from my pocket. I watched him skip through the pictures but by the fourth I could see he was having a hard time looking at them so I swiped my phone back, turned it off and stuck it back in my pocket. 

“Happy now?” I asked. Chris made an unhappy face. 

“I can’t unsee that...ever,” he moaned, shutting his eyes tight and then sticking his tongue out like he’d just tasted something vile. 

“You asked,” I reminded him. He made another Mr. Yuck face and shuddered. 

“At least I’ve saved you from that,” he pointed out. I shrugged. 

“I don’t think he’s as bad as you all keep saying he is. I’m sure he’s all talk and no action,” I added. Chris stared at me and then, slowly, raised one eyebrow. “Well...I mean, okay some action,” I admitted, thinking about the multiple pictures he’d just sent me of his trouser snake in various states of ‘alertness’. “But then I’m sure Sharpie and Captain Serious would have totally made up for that,” I added just to toss some salt into the wound. Chris raised both eyebrows and grinned. 

“Oh yeah?” 

“Yeah?” I squeaked and then turned and ran towards the living room. Trying to run from a professional athlete is pretty pointless. It took him less than three strides to catch up to me, grab me around the waist with one arm and lift me off my feet so that I was kicking and giggling and getting nowhere. 

“So you wanna fuck Captain Serious huh? We could probably arrange that. I’m sure you’d probably fall asleep during it but I’ll call Hank,” he offered. 

“I didn’t say I wanted to, I just said he might be better than Kaner,” I offered as he turned to head down the darkened hallway. 

“Yeah but then you’d have to polish Rat Face’s knob and that’s just gross,” Chris added as he tossed me onto the bed. I squeaked as I hit the mattress and bounced, once. 

“I heard he just likes to watch,” I countered while Chris stood over me, his hands on the buckle of his belt. “Maybe you’d like to watch me with Captain Serious,” I offered with a smirk. Chris blinked and then his face went sort of blank. “Oh, so you like that idea do you?” I purred, turning around so that I could get up on my knees while I reached for his belt. 

“Maybe,” he croaked, licking his lips as he watched my fingers make short work of slipping his belt out of his pants and tossing it onto the floor. His blue eyes focused like laser beams on my mouth as I licked my lips. I’d learned quickly that the only time I could put him in my mouth was when he was not quite hard yet and I could tell by the growing bulge in his jeans that I was losing the opportunity quickly. As I slid my hand into his boxer briefs his dick pulsed in my hand.

“Would you like to watch me do this to him?” I asked as I slid his quickly lengthening dick out of his underwear and slid the velvety head between my lips and over my tongue. Chris’s eyes darkened to that midnight blue that told me he was very turned on and I had barely begun. 

“You have such a sexy mouth baby,” he whispered, reaching out to stroke my hair, brushing it away from my face. I purred for him, which made his eyes flutter closed. He groaned as I curled my fingers around the base of his thick cock and then slowly slid my mouth towards my fingers until there was no more room, until tears sprang from my eyes as all of him filled the back of my throat, triggering my gag reflex. 

Rolling my eyes up so I could watch his reaction I slowly let him slide back over my tongue and then slowly licked my way around the head of his cock before slipping him over my tongue again, making sure to breathe through my nose this time doing my best to relax the muscles in my throat, inching him back until I heard him groan my name. 

By the time I went to make a third try my jaw ached with the effort and tears escaped the corners of my eyes. Chris’s gaze softened and he brushed away a tear with his thumb. 

“You do that so good baby,” he whispered as I let his dick slide from my mouth, “I’m so fuckin’ lucky,” he added before pressing my shoulder back until I was lying on the mattress looking up at him. He knew how much I liked to look at him and he took his time stripping off his shirt, baring his six-pack first and then the tattoo on his pectoral muscle and finally his wide, round shoulders. “You won’t look at him like that will you baby?” he asked as he pushed his jeans down over his narrow hips. I could only shake my head. I appreciated looking at all of the guys naked. They were each beautiful in their own ways but they were nothing compared to my Higgy. 

“Only you babe,” I replied, as he first kneeled on the bed and then bent over me, his hands on the top button of my jeans. I watched him peel them back, felt his skin brush over mine and the rush of adrenalin that followed. He kissed the skin above my belly button and then the inch of skin revealed as he pulled my jeans down over my hips. I sighed when his lips brushed the skin as he pulled back my panties. 

I raised my hips off the bed to help him ease my jeans down. He slid my panties down next and grinned as he let them dangle from one finger. “I like these.” They were black lace with a little red rose at the front. “Would you wear these for him?” 

“Captain Serious? Nah, he’s probably into white cotton,” I predicted. Chris laughed and tossed my panties aside. 

“Would you want him to fuck you fast or slow?” he asked, bending again to press his lips just below the hem of my shirt and then he began to push the material northwards, slowly, kissing each revealed inch. 

“Fast, I think,” I replied a little breathlessly as he licked his way up the curve of my breast and then slowly licked his way around the areola and finally up to the tip of my nipple. 

“Fast and hard?” he asked, settling himself between my thighs while he dragged my shirt up over my head. I blinked up at him as my face emerged from the fabric of my shirt, felt my pulse race. Higgy...fucking me hard...oh. 

“Yessss,” I panted and then gasped as he shoved all of himself into me all at once. It hurt, yes but damn it felt good too. 

“Like that?” he asked, his eyes going dark and stormy like a rainy night as he stared down at me. 

“Yessss,” I squeaked, running my fingertips up his arms, feeling each sinew stretched taught as he held himself there, waiting for my consent. I smiled up at him and then looked down the line of our bodies to where they met. “But harder.” Chris rarely dropped the gloves on the ice but the expression on his face in that moment I guessed had to be the one that would have looked back at his opponent. It was feral and dangerous and it made me whimper. 

He growled, like a cougar about to pounce, reared back and slammed his hips forward, hard and fast, driving the air from my lungs. I cried out, my back arching off the sheets but my lips formed the word ‘again’ of their own volition and, grabbing my hips in his hands, he did it again, over and over until I was screaming his name, my nails digging furrows into his forearms. 

“Like this? Do you think he’ll fuck you like this?” I rolled my head back and forth on the pillow. Part of my brain begged me not to poke the bear but the other part of my brain was far too into what was happening to my body. 

“No, he’d fuck me harder,” I gasped. He didn’t check himself. He barely even paused, pulling out mid stroke, pulling me to the edge of the bed and turning me over like a hamburger patty on a barbeque and then his hands were on my waist and I felt him stretching me in every possible way, filling me completely, slamming his hips into mine, harder and harder so that our flesh met with the sound of a fist hitting a side of beef. “Oh goddddddd yessssss,” I cried, my fingers scratching at the sheets, trying to find purchase and finding nothing but a handful of material sliding through my fingers. 

“Do you want Kaner in your mouth while Tazer fucks you?” he asked, pulling back on my body hard while he shoved himself into me. 

“Yessss,” I replied breathlessly. 

“Do you want him to fuck your pretty mouth until you gag baby?” he asked. I closed my eyes and pictured it, Patrick grabbing a handful of my hair to force my mouth over him while the bigger body of Jonathan Toews filled me from behind. 

“Yess,” I repeated in a gasp. I felt my body clench down hard around him as the vision swam in front of my eyes. All those hard bodies, all that muscle. 

“And when they’re done with you, when you think you’re done I’ll fuck you,” he promised, winding my hair around his hand and pulling it back so that I had to turn my head, “and you’ll cum just for me baby. You’ll hold out and cum just for me.” I was past the point of being able to form words, not that there were words for the look in Chris’s eyes. Love and lust mixed with heat and desire made me whimper as much as the hard, fast thrusts of his hips. “Are you gonna cum for me Penny?” He gave my hair a tug with one hand and my ass a hard slap with the other and like a kick start on a bike I gave, sobbing and moaning, shaking as I lay boneless on the bed beneath him. 

“Oh my...oh my god,” I muttered, my face mostly pressed into the sheets. 

“You’re so beautiful when you cum baby,” he whispered, kissing the spot between my shoulder blades before sweeping my hair aside and pressing his lips and tongue to the nape of my neck. I shuddered and let out a sort of helpless cry that sounded like a kitten calling for its mother as my body tightened around his still hard one. It actually hurt but it was like my body no longer understood the language of pain. I bucked beneath him and felt the orgasm take hold more deeply and tears sprang from my eyes. I heard him groan then, felt his meaty fingers dig deeply into my hips as he buried himself deep inside of me and let go, his cock pulsing deep within me as he whispered my name, softly, over and over.